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About ProXcellentTM
  ProXcellentTM is a site that was developed and founded by entrepreneur George Hammons, who had the vision of making other business professionals successful. In his first business as a young man, right out of High School, he market, managed Velvet Sound Records during the 70s which was located on Joy Road in Detroit, Mi., which proved to be very successful. After he moved on from managing there he became the proud owner of, Geo-Works, then years later he developed, OTO Productions LLC, which is a music marketing business which is still in business. As a singer he has travel from Montreal, Canada, to Atlanta Ga., Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, as he marketed himself, and other musicians. He worked for Ford Motor Company for over 30 years, 7 of which he acted as an analyst an illustrator and cartoonist for the Ford Warrant Rap-up newsletter. Having the entrepreneur spirit for some 30 years, with his creative foresight, he saw the need to help others businesses to grow. Teaming up with Angie Stephenson, Carol Pitts, who has excellent credentials in the area marketing, business, communication, they are planning to take; ProXcellent to a whole new level!  

Carol Pitts started out of High School working for several different accounting firms, through which she has gained over 30 years of experience. She has worked in family CPA firms, Profit and Non-Profit sectors, in Non-Profit alone she has 19 years experience. She obtained a secular education at the University of Detroit where she obtained a Bachelors Degree and continued Graduate Studies. She founded and is Executive Director of the Metro Detroit Crafters Guild of Artists which was founded in 1998. She has even held positions on boards for Wilkerson Asso. and The African American Studio Theatre. 

Mrs. Angie Stephenson has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. She has clients all over the world in other countries and in almost every state in the U.S. and her number of clients is constantly growing everyday. When she and Carol met with George Hammons they realized there was a great need to pull together other professionals that are excellent in their businesses and services under the same website. This would enable them to support and help not only one another but other honest business owners that they could trust. They are bringing their years of experience and wisdom together to maintain this site and bring our partners and customers the best service possible.
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"This site was the best thing I ever decided to get involved in as far as business was concerned. We want to meet others and help them to succeed."

- Angie Stephenson
Why ProXcellent?
ProXcellent is a company that services the customer as well as the business owner. It helps people find you faster than you working by yourself. Every business owner on the site that shares their information with a client is sharing your business as well, providing a great distribution of your services

- ProXcellent -
The Company that is working hard to make you succeed!